Monday, September 30, 2013

The Work Garden

Everyone's heard of the 'work wife'.  I have a work garden...a garden that I putter in during my spare moments at work.  I've bought a couple things for the garden, but mostly the plantings are overflow from my house or seed-grown.  I've designed it to be low maintenance and low cost.  Panicums, zinnias, and sunflowers above.

The main part of the garden is a basically a giant raised bed above a driveway.  It's hot.  It's dry.  Any supplemental water has to be carried from the kitchen.  I've picked only tough customers for this bad neighborhood.  No time for coddling.  Lavenders, coreopsis and chasmanthium above.

A shipping container as a background.

Lablab beans on the security fence.

Zinnias, irises, coreposis, and hypericum provide a sense of seclusion for the picnic tables.

It's pretty nice for a part-time garden.

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