Sunday, January 14, 2018

Signs of Life

I was squishing through the yard yesterday on my way to the compost pile and was struck by the vibrant green of the arum italicum subsp. italicum under the Judd viburnum.  It's a pass-along plant from my friend's yard so I've never known for sure if it's 'Marmoratum', though I suspect it is.

The leaves say 'May' though it's only January.

How can this plant be leafed out and seemingly happy in this crazy weather?  It's been near zero this month as well as in the 60's.  The arum doesn't care.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

They're Under There Somewhere

I'm still not sure what a bomb cyclone is, but we got about 6" of snow today.

I'm happy to have the insulating snow cover on the troughs as we head into a series of nights around zero.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Some of Both

Gorgeous wet snow last weekend.

Chocolate cocoa espresso cookies I made while stuck inside.

Androsace under snow this week.

Butter cookies decorated by the kids today.

It's feeling seasonal around here.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Bulking Up

Many of my little friends have bulked up this season.  While not flashy out of bloom, I love the variety of form in the alpines.  Above is arenaria 'Wallowa Mts.'

a baby saponaria pumilio

saxifraga 'Pluto'

arenaria sp. antennaria dioica 'Nyewoods'

draba siberica

acantholimon capitum

haberlea rhodopensis

saxifraga longifolia

erigeron scopulinus

erigeron linarifolia

draba lasiocarpa

Sleep well this winter, little guys.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

It's Fallen

Above is the yellowwood tree and the hydrangea paniculata on 11.4.17.

The second photo is 11.17.17.  What a difference two weeks and a hard frost makes, especially when the first hard frost is below 20 degrees.  

The page has been turned.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Katsura Tree

I bought this katsura tree (cercidiphyllum japonicum) sapling for $15 at a plant sale a year or two ago.  Did I have room for it? No.  Did I need it? No.  Did I want it? Yes!  I've always wanted to grow this tree so it came home with me.  I've been torturing it by growing it in a large hypertufa planter ever since.  I feel guilty constraining this beautiful plant, caging it for my enjoyment in my private zoo.

Above is the gorgeous color from last October.

It colored up differently this year, probably due to the late dry spell we had in September and October.  Above is a photo I took on September 10th this year.

This is last week.  It's been so gorgeous this fall that I'm starting to rethink my promise to find a good home for it next spring.  

Maybe just one more year in the planter...

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wait, what happened?

How is it mid-October already?  It's been a ferociously busy four weeks, full of PTA volunteering, scouting, camping, a monumental birthday, and the weekly rhythms of cycling and gardening. I can't really call it gardening though, more like just getting the bare minimum done before the season passes.  Throughout it all, I've had the weekly pleasure of unwrapping new hypertufa troughs that I cast over four or five consecutive weekends through August and September.  I let them cure for four weeks, wrapped in plastic and stashed under the deck, like some weird, slow bread oven.

I still get a little thrill of satisfaction when I unwrap something that I made a month earlier.  

Some of the new troughs are sold already, but about a dozen remain up for grabs.  Let me know if you need one.