Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Heleniums. Why Doesn't Everyone Grow Them?

The heleniums are amazing this time of year.  They pick up when the cone flowers finish, and just keep going.  That's 'Red Jewel' above.

This was labeled 'Helenium Autumnale' at the plant-club sale where I bought it.  I think that it was member-grown, which could explain its generic name.  It's still great.

'Kanaria' (Canary, duh.  It's yellow,)

A random, unmarked Home Depot helenium planted in my garden at work (yes, I have multiple gardens...I'm an addict).  This plant has tripled in a year.  I think it's been blooming for about 6 weeks.  Such a good value for $13 that I'll forgive the lack of cultivar tag.


  1. Don't know Helenium at all ... annual?

  2. Clumping perennial, actually. Also called Helen's Flower and Sneezeweed. Check them out. They are great.