Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Things We Do for Love (of Plants)

We just returned from our week at the Jersey shore, where I was crestfallen to find out that cycling 30+ miles a day does not negate the effects of IPA over-consumption.  Oh well.

I did ride by this house and think to myself 'now that's a commitment to a tree'.  This homeowner long ago made a choice to prioritize the beautiful specimen pine in the front yard over access to the front door.  The lateral branch across the front entrance to the house must be only 3' or so above the sidewalk.

I wonder how that conversation went.  Maybe it was something like this:

"Honey, maybe we should trim the pine out front.  It's starting to block the entrance'.

'I dunno, dear...I kind of like it.  We have a side door, don't we?'

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sunny Pitcher Plant

The morning sun lit up the saracennia yesterday.  The greenish-yellow pitchers seemed to glow from within.  

This pitcher plant is growing in an acidic mix of peat and sand, covered in pine needle mulch, in a plastic liner cast inside of a hypertufa planter.  The liner helps keep the alkalinity of the concrete away from the planting medium.  I drilled a hole in the liner midway up the side in order to hold a couple inches of water at the bottom.

The things we do for love...