Saturday, November 19, 2011


salix nakamurana var. yezoalpina

I love this dwarf alpine willow (thanks, Ray).  It's a tough groundcover willow that stays under 1' high but can get up to 8' wide.  I've had it in a trough for a year and a half or so and it doesn't show any signs of world domination yet.  It had a fairly modest show of catkins this spring (I'm hoping for more next year) and was a solid green texture all summer and fall, but I really like the nice yellow it has now.  I'm always reluctant to buy yellow-flowering plants because it's not my favorite color.  But now, on the cusp of coldness, yellow seems just right in the garden.  It's the end of the season; yellow signals capitulation.


  1. Interesting comment on yellow in the garden ... i truly dislike it ... except right now. Never - consciously - made the connecting with the end of the cyle - dying - good point.

  2. Even more amusing, at my job, if a person was suffering from severe depression, we would introduce them into a non-threatening environment to a room painted in a pastel yellow or blue, to provide peacefulness and energy. Yellow has always been a staple to me in my life and in my garden, coming in second to my favorite color, sky blue......autumn yellow is truly one of my favorite colors though. It signals to me for a happy winter, with even the fireplace embers burning a rich yellow....mmmmmm....... Sigh...........