Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ahhhh, Much Better

I replaced the three chair arms broken by a falling limb last week.  It always surprises me how easy such a repair is versus how annoyed I was that it happened.  They are safe on the deck, out of range of falling limbs, for the winter.  They've got a few more years left with me.


  1. I would never have imagined they could look so good! thought they were toast Good work!

  2. One of my nicest memories of my life so far is sitting your children in those chairs with me this past week, eating p.b. and apples I prepared for them, and quietly counting the leaves that fell off the tree that injured these chairs. Between the vivid autumn colors and the sweet innocence of the children, along with the quiet simplicity of the task at hand of counting leaves as they fell, made me grow even fonder of those chairs....

  3. In regards to the opposite end of the spectrum, from quietly counting leaves that fell from the trees with your children(by the way...we counted 39 that fell on wednesday, and Liam counted 28 that fell on thursday!)...Remember one of my dear mother's favorite sayings Brian, in regards to your annoyance of the situation my friend...."It only becomes a big deal, if you make it a big deal."...... Since her passing, I have found such peace over trivial things I could have made major grandeur. Just a thought to think about......