Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Long Weekend

The cappuchino

The bench

The view from the bench

The troughs that I cast that day, fueled by the cappuchino 

The troughs will sit for 30 days, sealed in plastic in the basement, until just before Christmas, when I will set them out to spend a cold winter in the yard.  Come spring, I will find new owners for them.


  1. I might want to be on that owner's list. Have literally no idea what they cost ... but I love them.

    Your yard looks so peaceful. There really is something about "closing down" for the fall.

  2. The hypertufa pieces are totally affordable, webb. It's getting one to you that's a problem.

    "Closing down" is a great way to put it. This weekend I made a list of end-of-season garden tasks and I only have one or two things left. I'm starting to wonder what I'm going to be doing in my free time.