Thursday, August 11, 2011

One-off Trough

trough 25 x 21 x 9"H (not including feet)

I really love this photo.  The morning light, filtered through the trees, was flattering that day.  I made this trough for fun one Saturday night about 2 months ago when the kids went to bed early.  I found an old cardboard box in the garage, filled it with sand, and cast this trough old-school-style, packing on the hypertufa with no outside mold.  The trough is shallow, but has a great feeling to it.  I can't describe the fondness I have for some objects like this, but I remember a grad school compatriot years ago saying that he liked a certain concrete bridge because he "felt it in his butt".

I wouldn't go that far, but I can't deny a bodily identification to some objects.  They are pleasing in a physical sense.  They just feel right.


  1. And that one looks just right, too. Good job.

  2. Well said, Brian......well said....