Monday, August 22, 2011

Back From the Shore

My family and I just returned from a wonderful, if slightly wet, week at the Jersey shore.  Growing up in Iowa I was never exposed to the wonders of the week at the beach.  I've become a convert the last few years.  The garden got along just fine without me thanks to the 7.5 inches of rain within 2 days last week.  We got more rain last night and the humidity has disappeared today.  With cool nights predicted this week it feels like September.  Bring it on.


  1. Ab-so-lute-ly!! Welcome home! This blogger mouth missed you and your advice! As for the shore, this "Jersey Boy" has learned to appreciate the shore during the week, and avoid it on the overcrowded "touristy" weekends! Glad you had a wonderful week. Now get busy in the garden!

  2. 7.5 inches of rain! I am insanely jealous! We may get some this weekend from the hurricane - surely do need it. glad you had a good vacation.