Monday, August 8, 2011

An August Composition

a fig tree, a couple succulents and some empty planters 

This little still life in front of the garage is prominently visible from our kitchen.  I like looking at the different shapes of the planters and move things in and out often.

I realized that I also enjoy it lately for not showing any stress about dryness or heat.  I love plants (and planters) that don't complain.


  1. AH FIGS! I was raised on them. It's so nice to know another Fig tree grows in West Orange.... Beware of the birds! They already ate the first ripe fig of the season that I was eyeing off of our trees. Sniff........well, I guess they are pretty's only fair to help mother nature feed her flock.

  2. I want them all. Can you just put them on a bus to Richmond? I put netting on my blueberries and the birds still managed to eat the second ripening... but you might want to try it on your fig. Just a thought.

  3. My fig gives me no stress as it hasn't fruited in the three years I've had it. Maybe as it matures it will...