Sunday, June 5, 2016

Random Early Summer Moments

It's officially summer, even though the calendar doesn't agree, as the Asian tiger mosquitos are out in the garden.  They're a real drag from now until first frost.  The garden is looking great though, with tons of roses and peonies blooming through the rainstorms.  My friend used to call this period 'the second spring' in the garden. 

Above is dracocephalum argunense Fuji 'Blue'.  

This sedum cauticola has self-seeded into the texture of the hypertufa trough; there's no hole for those little guys low down on the wall.

dianthus pontederae 'Rachel'

This variegated yucca is imitating a goose prior to blooming.

The trough-bound dwarf golden threadbranch cypress is making cones.  How cute!

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  1. they're so cute. you really have the touch.