Sunday, June 19, 2016

Everlasting Purple

I planted clematis 'Roguchi' a couple years ago at the foot of a Koreanspice viburnum.  It's been a 'subtle' pleasure, one that you had to look for, until this year, when it shot to about 8' feet and covered itself with purple, frilly bells.

OK, so it's still kind of subtle, but it's gorgeous...and at eye level finally.  It goes on for most of the summer.

Above is campanula lasiocarpa, grown from seed by a member of my rock garden club (thanks Susan!).  It's the Energizer Bunny of plants.  It's got a cloud of purple bellflowers dangling in the breeze.  It always reminds me of a swarm of purple bees.

This shot from above shows the extent of the purple haze.  The plant grows out of the lower left corner of the trough.  

In other random news, I unwrapped these two troughs this morning.  It's always rewarding to see them again after a month of being wrapped up for curing.

Finally, my 8-year old son gave me this beautiful monster with a bloodshot eye for Father's Day.  He definitely takes after me.

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