Tuesday, July 17, 2012

'Tufa Tuesday

I can't complain.  The mold came off cleanly and I wire-brushed the surface.  It is what I wanted.  Why does it always have to feel so anticlimactic two days out?  I think it's the color, and the way that the perlite looks so bright.

The same morning that I cast the new tall, square trough, I also cast an Oslo trough and then a small round planter with the leftover mix.  This ugly photo reaffirms that my thoughts about combining shapes are correct.  This is the beginning of a nice grouping.


  1. They look darker than usual. Did you add something for color, or a different perlite? or something? I like them.

  2. Webb- They're darker only because they're newborns. I used the same mix I always use plus a little bit of sand for extra strength on the rim. The troughs should cure to the same light gray as the rest that I've made.