Thursday, July 12, 2012

Drought Flowers

I guess there's a reason that purple coneflowers are so ubiquitous in summer.  They seem to shrug off the hot, dry weather and their hot pink flowers really pop in the harsh sun.  This one is called Magnus, and has a really nice dark pink cone.

It's pretty classy with the thug daisies and the Russian sage.

I like that spot of yellow from a helenium called "Sahin's Early Flowerer" (although everything's early this year).

The front yard has nice mass now.  It's full of tough customers who don't mind the hot afternoon sun and no watering.  Yes, we do live close to our neighbors.

This is a combo in my hellstrip between the sidewalk and curb...more coneflowers, verbena, eryngium, and carex.  What more could I ask for from plants that I ignore?

No rain in 3-4 weeks.  Not much to be hopeful about in the forecast.  It's going to get ugly.


  1. Hello Brian,

    I just stopped by your blog through a photo on Pinterest :

    I love your garden, your garden gate, the fence and the flowers you planted.

    You say that you have no rain in 3-4 weeks. Here in the region of Paris it is the reverse. Since april, we have a wretch weather : chilly and rainy. We long for a beautiful summer.

    Bonjour de France

  2. Ugly, indeed. I water and water and still it just gets drier and drier. Yuck! Your cone flowers look great - need to have more of them.

  3. We just had a brief thunderstorm. It was exciting, but not enough rain fell to ease my worries.