Sunday, June 3, 2012

Teasing Georgia

No, not the pink one in the foreground (that's Queen Elizabeth), but that yellow one in the background. That's Teasing Georgia.  I'm not a big fan of yellow in the garden, but I love this rose.

Teasing Georgia is a David Austin rose named for the wife of German TV personality Ulrich Meyer.  The "teasing" part?  I have no idea.  

I ruthlessly cut it back to a 3' framework in the early spring.  It rewards me with a giant burst of growth loaded with buds.

I love the soft yellow.  It looks almost edible.

She has her moment in May, but blooms off and on lightly all summer.

We'll keep her.


  1. How absolutely wonderful that your Queen Elizabeth is in semi-full bloom, while celebrating her Majesty's Diamond Jubliee. If I remember my rose history correctly, it was introduced after her Coronation in honor of her in 1954, and has won numerous awards. Your big bush I believe houses up to 40 petals per rose, and as we know and see, can climb over 7 feet tall. I love to lean over the deck and get a whiff of the sweet fragrance as well. Pardon me, but I was raised on roses, having a formal rose garden in our backyard pre-BR(before Raymond!), and to me, they will always be a floral favorite, as well as Don Juan. Anywhoo, here's to having your very own private celebration of the Diamond Jubilee. Long live the Queen! Stay well, Frankie

  2. An addendum here.... Did not wish to overshadow your Teasing Georgia, yet felt I should give the "Queen" her just do, from my history with her.
    However I must tell you, I too am impressed with Teasing Georgia, though I think it is a newer rose bush, and am also impressed that when playing with the children in the backyard,it throws off a most beautiful scent. I do like the soft yellow to a point, but my favorite yellow roses in our garden were Marco Polo, and a beauty I have not seen around in years that was a favorite of our family because of the beauty as well as the namesake, "Francesca"... Good luck finding it! Our bush was about 30 years old when we moved in. But a yellow I have yet to see today. Thanks for the rose pics! I truly enjoyed them! Frankie