Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Troughs

After I sold most of the new troughs this spring, I planted up five that I had left.  This one is a short cylinder with a mugo pine, sempervivum and a phlox.  I stole the rocks from work.

The middle trough is an Oslo trough, with a couple dwarf conifers, an iceplant, and a veronica.

This is a Helsinki trough with a dwarf arborvitae, a white saxifrage, a dianthus and a couple other things.  That little round trough holds an erodium, which is tender here.  I bring it inside for a couple months in the winter.

Another Helsinki, this time with a geranium, a sedum, another dianthus, an iris, rosemary, etc.  That's a dwarf quince behind it.

Can't ever have enough troughs...

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