Monday, March 12, 2012


Excuse the crappy cell phone snapshot, but these little guys could only be unwrapped for a minute without drying out.  I spent most of Saturday morning casting these four, and 90 minutes tonight cleaning them up and texturing them.  They are now wrapped in plastic and stowed in the basement for a month to cure.

I'm doing a sale in Morristown, NJ in May and would like to have some small pieces available.  Being 6'2" though, my idea of "small" is different than others'.  It's a hard balance, because bigger troughs provide a more stable, consistent temperature and moisture level.  Small troughs are like skillets in the hot summer sun.  Too big, though, and they are a pain to move.

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  1. Pass the cigars; you have quads! Hope the sale goes well for you.