Monday, March 5, 2012

Late Winter Wonderland

Sarcococcoa hookierana, var. humilis, or sweetbox.  This is a classy, late winter blooming shrub (subshrub?) that I love.  It always, always, always, looks good.  It demurely takes its turn blooming now, when not much else is blooming.  Since the flowers aren't showy, I never notice that it's blooming until I walk by and smell it.  Luckily I knew enough to plant it by the path. 

Although it loves shade, I've been trying this plant out in sunnier spots in the garden and it seems totally happy, as always.

skimmia budded up nicely

iris reticulata

nice weird golden/orange/green color on one of the dwarf chamaecyparis in trough

I just uncovered the saxifrages (they didn't need cover this winter) and they seem happy.

I started casting troughs again this weekend.  I'm a little worried about the frosty overnight temps but I should be able to demold everything tonight and get them into the basement, where they can cure in more moderate temps.


  1. Iris already? You are supposed to be colder "up" there! they are lovely.

  2. The iris reticulata are always really early. I have a phlox growing over them and the iris alays bloom first.

    I wish they did better. They are one of those plants that doesn't ever thrive or die...they just exist.