Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pot Culture

This is my son with chamaecyparis pisifiera 'Boulevard', planted three years ago, in a whiskey barrel out front.  The tree was only $6 at Home Depot so I stuck it in the barrel, not really expecting much.  The barrel was given to me by a neighbor, and it sits on a stump given to me by the city when they cut down the callery pear tree in front of our house less than a year after we moved in.   I'm no fan of callery pears, especially 30' monsters looming dangerously over my house, but I was pretty sad when they cut it down.  The city planted a lilac tree the next spring but ignored my calls to grind out the stump.  Oh well. At least the stump is level and wide.

This is another $6 Boulevard chamaecyparis planted the same year.  It's much more vigorous when planted in the ground, as opposed to the barrel.  It's hard to say anything bad about a tree this tough.  It always looks the same, but that's not bad when"the same" is lovely.  My son will outgrow the one in the barrel, but he's already lost to the one out back. 

I think I got my money's worth on the trees.

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  1. What a great way to measure your trees! I love it. Hope you are also growing another enthusiastic gardener.