Thursday, July 13, 2017

Big Yellow

I've wanted to grow rudbeckia maxima for a couple years, for the height as much as the cool name.  That's it in the middle of the photo above.  I saw a couple member-grown pots of it at my garden club's plant sale last year so I bought them all.  They stayed small last year and were overgrown by the asters and other tall perennials in this bed.  I kind of forgot about them and figured they were goners after the green wave engulfed them.  I was happy to see them come back strong this year.  There are a few in this bed but one has ambition to live up to its name.

Close-up of the maxima at eye-level.

It looks great with the 'Raspberry Delight' monarda.  Maybe the other rudbeckia maximas will poke their heads up high next year and make a show of it.


  1. I love the way it looks like a dancer in a long tutu! May add to the back of a bed i'm "populating" with tall perennials. These look good.

  2. Hi webb- I'm hoping to get 4-5 of them going in this spot to provide some tall interest. Let me know how they grow for you.