Monday, May 29, 2017

Tiny Jewels Part 3

The trough above has been gorgeous for a couple weeks now.

On the front is saxifraga 'Whitehill' (r) and dianthus 'Inshriach Dazzler' (l)

On the side is erigeron scopuliunus. It's been more mat than flower this year.

On the front corner is saponaria x oliviana.

Next to that is silene uniflora.

Another trough has edraianthus graminifolius.  

dianthus ssp.

antennaria dioica rubra 

helianthemum 'Raspberry Ripple'

silene caroliniana

genista ssp. 'Boz Dag'

androsace sarmentosa

saponaria pumilo

helianthemum 'Wisley Primrose'

sisyrinchium angustifolium (blue-eyed grass)

dianthus myrtinevius

dianthus 'Tatra Fragrance'

erigeron leoimerus

With the cool, rainy weather, it's been a great spring to be a rock gardener.

More to come...

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