Sunday, October 9, 2016

It's Not All Alpines

Not everything I grow in hypertufa is a precious miniature.  Above is an electric purple aster from Home Depot, stuck in a quatrefoil trough that's looking for a home.  I'm a sucker for purples in the fall.

I found a katsura sapling at a plant sale this spring and couldn't resist bringing it home, even though I have no room for it in the yard.  I'll grow it for a couple years in the planter and then find a home for it.  The fall color is charitably called 'apricot', but I like it.

These sarracenias were still babies last year but have steadily bulked up this year.  I have high hopes for them next year.  The hypertufa bowl is formed around a plastic liner in order to have a barrier between the alkaline planter and the acidic planting medium these guys need.

Back to alpine programming next week.


  1. Asters in a pot ... who'da thunk? I love them. Do you know what the variety is?

  2. Hi Webb- the tag said 'Henry III Purple' garden aster.