Sunday, May 8, 2016

Spring Jewels II

The rain finally stopped today after what seemed like 7 days straight.  The plants loved it; this gardener...not so much.  Above is penstemon rupicola 'Pink Holly', a tiny evergreen shrub.

It seems to love its raised position in a full-sun, sharp drainage trough.

Genista sp 'Boz Dag', with its yellow pea flowers.  It's just a baby and should fill out more over the years.

Daphne x 'Leila Hanes' (front) and pusatilla pratensis 'Bohemica' (back).  The daphne is a showy sprawler while the pasqueflower is quite shy and downward facing.

Draba arabisans

Calycanthus floridus seems happy enough in a big hypertufa planter.  I'm sure it would be happier in the ground, where it could sucker and reach its true 12' x 10' potential, but I just don't have room for it.  I love smelling its pineapple scent as I come down the stairs.

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  1. so jealous! i planted a calycanthus florida on each side of my deck and neither had any fragrance AT ALL. very disappointing. May have to find one that really does smell and replace them!