Sunday, April 3, 2016

Draba Season

I like to think of the drabas as the daffodils of the alpine plants.  Their bright yellow is always a welcome sight in the raw weather of spring.  Above is draba novolympica growing on tufa in one of my troughs.

This one's draba lasiocarpa, growing near the edge of one of my troughs.

I'm cheating a bit to include these photos but I can't help it.  The next two are my neighbor Ray's, growing in a trough in his front yard.  Above is a draba sp.

In the same trough is this draba rigida.

Pulling back, here's the two together in the same photo.

Pulling farther back, you can see the Gothic-style hypertufa trough that Ray and I cast together a couple years ago.  It looks like it's been there forever.

In the same trough is aubrieta 'Royal Blue'.

In one of the four troughs on Ray's hellstrip is this cute arabis x arendsii 'Compinkie'.  I've killed it twice but am hoping for a piece of this clump to try again (I'm so lucky to live across from a better gardener than I am).  Hope the third time's a charm.

Lastly, here's saxifrage 'Petrushka' waving goodbye from one of the troughs in my driveway.

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  1. They are so cute and colorful. I love your 'tufa garden!