Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Red Rock Trough

After planting three troughs for others on Saturday, I was finally able to plant one for myself on Sunday.  This trough will have almost no shade during the day, so we chose a group of sun-loving plants and used a very lean scree mix, with little organic material.  Here's the lineup:

antennaria sp. (Beartooth collection)
erysimum asperum
penstemon rupicola 'Pink Holly'
erigeron x 'St. Mary's Peak'
penstemon arenicola
acanthalimon bracteatum v. capitatum
eriogonum douglasii
erigeron (glacialis?) v. hirsutus
penstemon davidsonii var. menziesii 'Microphyllus'

I used our local NJ red sandstone, most of which I picked up around where I work.  For mulch, I smashed some of the small pieces into even smaller pieces.


  1. Promise to show it again when it has time to grow a bit? Where do you get all the tiny plants? a local source, or do you order them? I still think there is a trough in my future somewhere ...

  2. Hi webb. I promise to show this, and other troughs, as they mature. I'm always on the lookout for alpines. My neighbor Ray and I ordered a bunch from Wrightman Alpines in Canada this spring, but I've picked up a lot at our local NARGS sale, nearby nurseries, even Home Depot. I've ordered from Arrowhead Alpines in the past. Although, I've never been to Oliver Nursery in Fairfield, CT, Ray often goes...and blesses me with plants from there.