Sunday, May 25, 2014


At the tail end of a week of spring thunderstorms and showers, the hail hit us Friday evening.  Rachel and I were both home, and watched in amazement at the windows.  The hail was furious, as if someone was throwing rocks at the house.  Some hailstones were as big as a quarter.  As it was happening, I knew that it was bad in many ways, but I was excited and amazed at the ferocity of it. 

 I could see leaves coming down from the trees around us.  I grew up on a farm; I know what hail does.  I feared for the worst.

It was tough on the fleshy echeverias...

...and the orchid.  Throughout the garden things were pruned by the hail.  Broken stems and buds were everywhere.  The hostas looked like they'd been hit with shotguns.  The garden is a mess, but will recover.

The hail took out almost exactly half of our string lightbulbs.

I won't even post pictures of our cars.  I'll save those for the insurance adjuster.

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