Monday, June 17, 2013

Chelsea show

Garden designer, photographer, fellow plant geek, and neighbor Barbara Bour graciously asked me to cast a couple planters for her show of garden photos at her hair stylist's space in Chelsea.  Barbara even picked awesome material for the planters.

The show is up through Friday 6/21: 

Chrystoph Marten Salon
511 West 25th St. Suite 606
New York, NY 10001


  1. Congratulations Brian ! the plants look perfect in your trough. it is a large one.Is it not too heavy to move ?

    I love the saxifrages on a previous post.

    I previously followed your blog under the name The Red Berry. I opened a new blog and follow you by now.

  2. A one-man show? Already!! So pleased for you.

  3. Welcome back Helene. Those troughs are made in two pieces so they aren't so heavy overall.

    Webb- It's Barbara's photo show. I'm just decoration.