Thursday, April 11, 2013

Leonard Messel Magnolia

Our view from the deck.  The magnolia was pretty small when we put it in about 5 years ago.  It's been growing like crazy ever since.  Since we're going for a multi-trunk canopy, we've been removing select branches each year. 

By the way, our garden runs along the right side of this picture, through the gate and into the backyard. The yellow area behind the magnolia is the kids' swingset.  That area to the left of our fence is our neighbor's patch of dead grass and wild garlic.  Enough said.

Happy spring.


  1. Brian, it is gorgeous! My 'Rose Marie' will probably open this weekend - of course, we will be in D.C. so not get to follow it along. Last year I had two blooms, this year about two dozen - life is good!

    Enjoy the weekend. Bet it's pouring there. hope it isn't snow!

  2. It seems your neighbor is not a keen gardener ! a pity because his/her patch ruins the view you have from your deck besides weeds must come to you as well.
    I imagine in summer, your trees and bushes hide your neighbor's green.
    Have a nice weekend