Sunday, November 4, 2012


We survived Sandy relatively well.  We lost power for three days, but had no flooding, no roof damage and the huge maple in the backyard is still standing.  Our generator felt both necessary and extravagant during the outage.

We feel pretty lucky as all around us are friends in neighborhoods approaching a week without power.  One friend slept fully clothed under the comforter last night and woke to a 49-degree house this morning.

Walking out of the house after the storm I was struck by the fine layer of leaf litter, almost mulch, that was spread across everything.  We even had drifts of the finely chopped leaves on the windward side of the house.  Hurricane confetti?

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  1. Sandy also skipped over us, while doing plenty of damage 100 miles in three directions. Glad youare back on the grid.