Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alliums for Webb

Webb expressed surprise a couple weeks ago that I had allium blooming in one of my troughs.  I always think of them as a spring plant too, but have found a few good summer bloomers in the allium family.  Above is garlic chives, allium tuberosum.  It's perfectly happy in a whiskey barrel on the hellstrip by the street.

Allium senescens var. glaucum, the circle onion (its leaves grow in a swirl).

The circle onion at home in its trough, with gentian, sedum, a chamaecyparis and so on.  That's carex glauca in the trough behind, mimicking the alliums' foliage color.


  1. So. Am i gonna have to drive to Nujerzee and jst steal all your troughs and all your plants, Mr. Smarty Pants? Clearly, you are flaunting your success.

    Do you know the variety on any of them?

    1. Webb- I don't know the varieties. They were all pass-a-long plants.

      The troughs are pretty heavy. Better bring help. :)