Friday, August 24, 2012

Great Yard

Every year when we go to Avalon, NJ for a week at the beach, I spend time gawking at this yard.  This is no hidden side yard or unused area.  This is the front yard.  I was standing on the sidewalk when I took this.

I think that it's an older house that had a lot of work done on it recently, including a sensitive re-landscaping.  I really like the imbalance between the boring mass of the house and the jewel-like decks added on to it.  

The front yard has a wild, dune-like feel, which is totally appropriate for a house less than a block from the ocean.  This is the front walk, er, path.

I love the green roof and the trellis on the garage.

Nice edge treatment with a bit of formal repetition to frame the riot going on behind.

No lawn mowing at this summer house.

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  1. It's really neat and i do like it , but i would need a posey or two if i lived there ... perhaps in a few 'tufa troughs.