Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Winter That Wasn't

jasminium nudiflorum

The winter jasmine above usually blooms in early March.  It started blooming in early December this year due to the warm temps.  It's gorgeous and I'm happy to see it in these dark (in more ways than one) days, but I still worry about not having winter.  I've got alliums coming up, hellebores starting, and today I noticed the witch hazel is tentatively opening two months early.  Yikes.

Below the jasmine are a few other interesting things in the winter garden.

love the yellow against the gray deck railing

 this Home Depot cotoneaster is reliably loaded with berries

 a pink erica x darleyensis (left) and erica x darleyensis 'Kramers Red'

a near-black hellebore from my fab neighbor Ray (thank you again)
notice the buds at ground level, just waiting

A constant winter bloom in my yard: the white containers sheltering the alpines (drabas, lewisias, saxifrages, etc) that hate the winter wetness

Not attractive, but necessary

See you in spring, friends.  Stay dry; sleep well.

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