Monday, September 19, 2011

Yellow Wax Bells


Kirengeshoma (yellow wax bells) is one of those perennials that I couldn't live without in our garden.  I brought a piece from Green Dome Garden in Brooklyn, where we volunteered, shortly after we moved.  Green Dome has a nice group of three in the shade of a huge oak tree.  I have room for one due to its large size.  I think this one is kirengeshoma palmata, but I've never been sure.  It's originally from Japan and Korea, but grows happily on the north side of our garage, in a shady, moist spot.  I value it for its late bloom time and shrublike stature.  My kids love the thick, foamy feeling of the flowers.

I just wished they lasted longer.  As soon as I notice that they are fully open, they start to drop.

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