Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring bits

 Arabis sturii blooming, with white thrift on left and a dwarf chamaecyapris at back.
The one true shade trough that we have.  Dwarf bergenia blooming, with mini-hostas emerging in each corner.
Lilac Wonder tulips in the rock garden.

I must admit that I giddily ran around the garden in yesterday's overcast weather, snapping away at all of the spring delights in bloom.  At no other time does our garden have so many pastels out at once.  Everything looked so good in the viewfinder, from all angles, that I had a weird deja vu moment.  I realized the feeling was similar to photographing our kids as newborns, that "Oh my god you are so beautiful I am so lucky what did I do to deserve this" feeling.  I got over it pretty quickly.

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  1. What lovely planters you have! Am delighted to finally see how you use your work. Love all the minis.